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Short Story S:4 Post: 3 - "Gotcha!"

     It was the way the wind blew in that told her something was wrong.
     Lying there in her bed, the cats asleep in their various play boxes on the floor, the tv casting a soft light--its screen saver slowly bouncing around, the summer air pushed violently through her opened window--past heavy curtains--and rushed along her exposed skin--the force of it whistling in the still of night.
     Her breath hitched and her skin prickled with goosebumps, the atmosphere around her suddenly charged with foreboding. Ears straining in the darkness, heart thumping hard between her breastbone and the mattress beneath, she listened to the trees rustling outside--garbage cans clanging against their restraints--not a single car passing down the streets.
     She felt isolated and hyper aware.
     This was the kind of moment one expected a rapping to occur on their door--having never heard someone, or something, approaching moments prior.
     Or the type of glaring--instinctual--psychic impression th…
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Short Story S:4 Post: 2 - "Hello"

 She stared up at the colossus, it's dark metal almost translucent in the poring rain, while thunder crashed around them. Inky silhouettes of the surrounding woods danced and jerked about her periphery, flashes of lightening flickering like wild fireflies between them to cast eerie shutters of chaos and horror.
     But she was unafraid.
     Here, standing sentry in an abandoned farm field was their salvation.
     She had heard the stories, from her parents, her school friends, even her teachers, of the mysterious mechanical giants who had once--long ago--faced the hoard and saved humanity.
     They had not fallen from the sky, nor had risen from the ground below.
     No, they had assembled themselves, one by one, unseen in abandoned warehouses--spontaneous creation in the absence of a creator--she had once heard it described. No one knew why. The magnificent creatures of circuitry and mechanical engineering never spoke--at least not to them.
     It was said they did have a languag…

Short Story S: 4 Post: 1 - "This Unhallowed Noun"

It was an unsettling creature.

This Unhallowed Noun that had been spouted at her in reverent tones while in the midst of such vile fledglings.

Compared to them, it was the darkest and most disturbing of them all.

It crawled under her skin like a parasitic lech, nestling itself deep into her bones, whispering accusations of truth in her mind that she didn't know how to acknowledge or even defend against.

She had glowered at the ghastly thing, bold and proud as it crawled towards her, its long claws and sharp teeth bared intently. It chittered wildly as if it expected to share in conversation with her, its large obsidian eyes gleaming joyfully. When she remained mute, however, unmoved from her spot among the thicket--her fellow travels circled protectively on either side of her with quaking knees--it tilted its head, regarding her curiously, before pushing the word out vehemently.


It was bitter on her tongue to even repeat.

What kind of torment was this?

To regard her with suc…

Short Story S: 3 Post: 4 - "They Danced"

They danced. In the haunting stillness of the abandoned house, they twirled, dipped, swayed and caressed like time had forgotten them. Shades of red, black and amber skin flickered between ethereal blue flames while soft--echoing music guided their whispering footsteps throughout the darkened house, filling the shadows that hid from the swelling moon consuming the skyline out broken window panes with whispers of ‘forever my love’ and ‘until our souls are born again’. They danced. Their sunken eyes boring into each other with burning looks of longing, their ashen hearts thrumming with memories of stolen moments from a lifetime ago, and their transparent fingers gripping, tugging and digging into withered flesh and aging cloth with desperation as they moved like an endless foray. They knew not the state of their decay, their visions seared in a loop of enduring youthful ignorance that swung them like a pendulum between the living and the dead. For him, she was the p…

Short Story S: 3 Post: 3 - "This Wild Heart Beat"

     She found it haunting her first in the rhythmic footfalls of the old mare beneath her as they trekked under the fluttering eyes of the stars. 
     Tha-thump, tha-thump, tha-thump..
     It was like an echo with a string tethered to a hook in her chest, tugging and pulling at her, twisting her around in her saddle looking for that familiar sound.
     But it escaped her sight, ghostly in the silence, trailing them, whispering like a gentle breeze each time she turned her back on it to continue forward.
     Tha-thump, tha-thump, tha-thump...
     Then, like shadow spirits, it crept upon her in the night when the need to rest weighed her down until she could not longer resist. It churned the colors of her dreams--shifting muted skies to brilliant shades of blue and sands to honey and wheat--like eyes and hair she could never forget.
     Tha-thump, tha-thump, tha-thump...
     It slowly became a demon on her heels, chasing her everywhere she went, pulling her focus away from the tasks of…

Short Story S:3 Post: 2 - "Bron" Final Part

*Previously* It was warm, light feeling, and so much more than she had ever expected. ***** Yes, the humans had indeed survived and they had thrived, with passion and intelligence that far outweighed the sterile narrow mindedness of the Amaras. “What do we do now,” asked Nysa as she fidgeted with nervous excitement between her mothers. “We find placement and passage to our new home,” replied Sitara with a broad smile as she nodded towards a booth along the far wall that read ‘ECIS--Earth Citizenship and Immigration Services’ above it. “This is not at all what I expected,” murmured Tasya to her wife as they made their way across the station. “What did you expect? That we would just find empty space and descend down to Earth’s surface like some Galactic Deities?” “Not deities, no but...something along those lines at least.” Laughing, Sitara shook her head and squeezed her wife’s hand. “You and your over romanticized imagination.” “I thought you loved my romantic side?” “Trust me, my love, I do,” …

Short Story S:3 Post: 2 - "Bron" Part 2

*Previously* She could only imagine how the doctors who had helped conceive them felt when they were finally born. ***** It must have been gut wrenching. And bitter upon the tongue with envy and fear. She didn’t fault them, no matter how much she wanted to, because she knew the story, they all did, of how humanity lost its mortality and home world to chaos. But she despised the way her family had suffered for no reason at all. The swooshing of the cabin door pulled her from her thoughts and Tasya turned with her wife to smile at their children who scrambled up to hug them before going to their own seats. “Are we really about to pass Mars,” asked Mosi, their eldest. He leaned as far forward in his seat as he could, his hazel eyes alight with curiosity and fascination. Sitara nodded, glancing at their son as she adjusted their flight path. “We are just passing between Remus and Romulus now.” “They are so big,” whispered Mosi’s twin, a hint of fear in his young voice. “They are empty now, Atsu,” Ta…