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Short Story S: 5 P 2 - "The Whistler"

It's trailing after me.
     Wherever it's coming from.
     That stupid eerie whistling noise.
     It's kind of like an old song...but not?
     Stupid old miner's house. Stupid ghost stories. Stupid cute boys...
     I should have known better than to take on the dare just to impress Josh. No matter how handsome the basketball player is, he isn't worth dying in a goddamn haunted shit hole for. I should have shrugged them off at the beach party. Should have watched how much I was drinking.
Shouldn't have kissed those stupid soft lips.
     Too late now.
     "Where is that coming from?!" I can't make out shit beyond shapes in this fucking place, and it's almost like someone is literally right behind me whistling that tune in some bad horror movie trope. Up the creaking steps. Down the worn dusty hallway. Past the numerous open doors into rooms I'm so not checking out. Turning the corner into another long hallway, hanging a…
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Short Story S:5 P 1 - "Unseen Hands"

You want noise when something happens. A blaring warning sign. A whisper of foreboding. A chill of uncertainty. You want another person nearby. A hand to hold onto. A rush of moving bodies to motivate you to safety. A sense of unity. A pack survival mentality.   You want a tool. A device to give you advantage. Hope for success. A net for security, should you have to risk it all. A life line. What you don’t want. What you fear the most. Is the unpredictability of nothingness.
Because that is where real terror begins.
Humanity is so certain our greatest enemies will meet us on the battlefields in manners we understand, that we never stop to consider.... That they don’t think the way we do.
There will be no siren. No amount of individuals beside you to make a difference. No technology to aid you. All there will be is a moment--a single flickering second of discord--and then.... oblivion.
You see, our greatest enemies can perceive our mortal coil. Can see our fabrics of fate, see our paths of destiny. And…

When A Character Fails, It's in the Writing

It's been awhile since I've posted my thoughts.

     But what I'm seeing as of late on--and hearing outside of--social media, is the downfall of tv shows due to a character/actor/storyline departure.
     Which confuses me.
     Not because it happens.
     It has always happened.
     Some of our most beloved characters and shows have had unexpected absences for decades. What confuses me, is why it is such a hot topic.
     I suppose then, an examination of the times is in order.
     Looking back at some of my beloved shows as a teen (20yrs ago) where a character, or a continuing story line had finally come to an end, I realize the difference is the approach. Whether there was discord on set or not, a family or financial issue--whatever the cause--we were never made privy to the reason something/someone we had enjoyed for so long was now gone.
     We just dealt with it.
     The same way we reconciled our emotions over Old Yeller dying, or the necessary sacrifices …

Short Story S:4 P 6 - "A Warm Welcome"

*****Here's another short story I wrote that, as far as I know (no response back), never got published***

She drew in a sharp breath, body tensing as her eyes flew open. I’m about to be abducted. The thought pierced through her skull. Hazel eyes flickering wildly to the single window in the darkened bedroom, peering intently, she waited in bated breath for something...but seconds ticked by and only blue moonlight greeted her. “For Pete’s sakes,” she muttered, muscles relaxing and eyes closing briefly in relief. Shaking her head at the absurd thought that had literally jolted her awake, Katherine stretched out her sleepy limbs, straining the light sheet covering her in this summer heat. Sitting up, she curiously glanced around her room, and out the bedroom window, one more time before getting up to use the bathroom. Where the hell had that thought come from, she wondered as she sat in the muted shadows of her tiny bathroom. She wasn’t one to be afraid of the dark, she actually enjoyed it-…