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When A Character Fails, It's in the Writing

It's been awhile since I've posted my thoughts.

     But what I'm seeing as of late on--and hearing outside of--social media, is the downfall of tv shows due to a character/actor/storyline departure.
     Which confuses me.
     Not because it happens.
     It has always happened.
     Some of our most beloved characters and shows have had unexpected absences for decades. What confuses me, is why it is such a hot topic.
     I suppose then, an examination of the times is in order.
     Looking back at some of my beloved shows as a teen (20yrs ago) where a character, or a continuing story line had finally come to an end, I realize the difference is the approach. Whether there was discord on set or not, a family or financial issue--whatever the cause--we were never made privy to the reason something/someone we had enjoyed for so long was now gone.
     We just dealt with it.
     The same way we reconciled our emotions over Old Yeller dying, or the necessary sacrifices …
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